No longer be told you are too small to play the alto saxophone!

Parents - Capture the enthusiasm now!

Until the innovative Alphasax was launched in October 2008, teachers around the World had little option but to inform the smaller person that they would have to wait a few years until they grew bigger before they could start to play the saxophone!

How many budding new jazz, rock and classical musicians have been lost as a result of being told "You'll have to wait"

Previously the only option available would have been to try the clarinet or even the smaller soprano saxophone however when the enthusiasm is for the alto saxophone - then why wait!

So it's pretty simple really, if you are told that you are too small to start on the standard alto saxophone, then the Alphasax is for you!!

In designing the instrument we have addressed the weight and hand positioning which would usually have been the issue for the younger player.  At only 1.86kg, the Alphasax is 33% lighter than the usual alto sax.  What's more, even in it's lightweight case, the instrument is only 3.34kg and therefore perfect for the smaller person to carry around. 

With new ergonomic mechanism for the smaller hands, the Alphasax is the perfect way to "capture that enthusiasm now with a real alto sax!"  


Please refer to the FAQ and photo page for more specific Alphasax information.   

Design Registration 

The Alphasax was granted a Certificate of Design Registration from the European Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs) - October 2008